CPU Processor Thermal Compound Paste 2.5G

  • Part Number: THERCOMP
  • Manufacturer: Arctic Cooling
  • Quickfind Code: 120001

  • Stock: In Stock

£3.95 ex. vat
£4.74 inc. vat

Product Features:
  • Condition: New
  • Type Thermal Compound
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Product Description
thermal compound comes in a very simple package - just the tube, nothing else. Yes, no instruction or anything. It?s simple, usage is like toothpaste, just don?t over-do it. Read on and find out why there isn?t a need for any instruction or application manual. The Compound Here are the highlights of the thermal compound as found in the official product page. High Thermal Conductivity Low Thermal Resistance Non-Electrical Conductive Non-Capacitive Non-Curing Non-Corrosive No Bleeding Odourless So why is there not a need for instruction or application manual? the thermal compound does not contain any metal particles, therefore there are no problems regarding electrical conductivity and capacitance and it will not result in any damage should it come into contact with parts like electrical traces, pins and leads. Application & Performance Application was simple, just as any other thermal compound - just slap a thin layer around the contact area lik

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