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HP Compaq ND-6450A CD / DVDRW Laptop Drive
£35.99 Inc VAT    £29.99 Ex VAT
Product Name: HP Compaq ND-6450A CD / DVDRW Laptop Drive
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
Part Number: 375983-001 NEC ND-6450A

HP Compaq ND-6450A CD / DVD RW Laptop Drive

HP Pavilion dv1000 and 1100 Series DE DVD+/-R RW 8X (NEC ND-6450A) dual format combination drive (374540-9c0)
Compatible Models:
HP Pavilion dv1000 (CTO) Notebook PC DZ677AVR, DZ677AV, DZ678AV, DZ731AV
HP Pavilion dv1001AP notebook PC (GC) PK809AS
HP Pavilion dv1001XX MV IUR notebook PC (NA) PK807AS
HP Pavilion dv1002AP notebook PC (GC) PF352PA
HP Pavilion dv1002XX MV IUR notebook PC (NA) PK808AS
HP Pavilion dv1009AP notebook PC (GC) PF353PAR, PF353PA, PF354PAR, PF354PA, PF355PA, PF356PAR, PF356PA, PF367PA, PF368PA, PH468PA
HP Pavilion dv1009XX MV IUR notebook PC (NA) PR284AS
HP Pavilion dv1010AP notebook PC (AP) PH476PA
HP Pavilion dv1010US notebook PC (NA) PM056UAR, PM056UA, PM053UAR, PM053UA
HP Pavilion dv1014AP notebook PC (AP) PD110PA, PD112PA, PD113PAR, PD113PA
HP Pavilion dv1014LA notebook PC (LA) PP888LA
HP Pavilion dv1015AP notebook PC (AP) PD114PA
HP Pavilion dv1015LA notebook PC (NA, LA) PN713LA
HP Pavilion dv1024AP notebook PC (AP) PD117PA, PD118PA, PD119PA, PD120PAR, PD120PA, PD111PAR, PD111PA, PH482PAR, PH482PA, PH483PA, PN562PA, PN563PA, PN575PA
HP Pavilion dv1024LA notebook PC (LA) PN889PA, PP889LA
HP Pavilion dv1025AP notebook PC (AP) PN576PA
HP Pavilion dv1025LA notebook PC (NA, LA) PN712LA
HP Pavilion dv1037AP notebook PC (GC) PN907PA, PN578PA, PN908PAR, PN908PA, PN888PA, PN910PA, PP963PA, PP971PA, PP981PA, PP982PA, PP989PA, PS939PA, PS940PA
HP Pavilion dv1049CL notebook PC (NA) PM057UAR, PM057UA, PM054UAR, PM054UA, PM055UA, PP890LA, PM058UAR, PM058UA
HP Pavilion dv1057EA notebook PC (EU) PQ565EA
HP Pavilion dv1065US notebook PC (NA) PM059UAR, PM059UA, PM061UAR, PM061UA
HP Pavilion dv1071EA notebook PC (EU) PQ563EA, PQ564EA, PQ562EA
HP Pavilion dv1100 (CTO) Notebook PC PN310AV, PN311AV
HP Pavilion dv1125EA notebook PC (EU) PS926PA, PS927PA, PS938PA, PS609EA, PW909EA, PS614EA, PS619EA, PS611EA, PW915EA, PT531PA, PW910EA, PT659PA, PT661PA, PT662PA, PV253PA, PV252PAR, PV252PA, PV272PA, PV275PA, PW911EA
HP Pavilion dv1125LA notebook PC (NA, LA) PU959LA
HP Pavilion dv1127AP notebook PC (GC) PV286PA, PV287PA
HP Pavilion dv1130CA notebook PC (NA) PR426UA
HP Pavilion dv1130EA notebook PC (EU) PS605EA
HP Pavilion dv1131WM-B Notebook PC Bundle PR423UAR, PR423UA, PU735A
HP Pavilion dv1135EA notebook PC (EU) PS601EA
HP Pavilion dv1135LA notebook PC (NA, LA) PU951LA
HP Pavilion dv1145EA notebook PC (EU) PV327PA, PS610EA, PS615EA, PS606EA, PW912EA, PW916EA, PS604EA
HP Pavilion dv1150US notebook PC (NA) PR424UAR, PR424UA
HP Pavilion dv1155EA notebook PC (EU) PS616EA, PS617EA, PS612EA, PS608EA, PS602EA
HP Pavilion dv1156CL notebook PC (NA) PR428UAR, PR428UA
HP Pavilion dv1170EA notebook PC (EU) PW908EA, PW907EA, PS618EA, PS607EA, PS613EA
HP Pavilion dv1175US notebook PC (NA) PR425UAR, PR425UA, PT980UAR, PT980UA
HP Pavilion dv1180EA notebook PC (EU) PW913EA
HP Pavilion dv1180US notebook PC (NA) PT978UAR, PT978UA
HP Pavilion dv1190EA notebook PC (EU) PS603EA
HP Pavilion dv1340US Notebook PC (NA) EC137UA, EC138UA, EC150UA, EC145UA, EC134UA
Bare drive only. Transfer the plastics/fittings from your old drive.
Factory refurbished part, fully tested.

Credit Cards Accepted

We will accept payment via VISA, MasterCard, Switch/Maestro, VISA Electron, Delta and most other major credit/debit cards



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