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Product Name Part# Price Inc Vat Price Ex Vat  
Toshiba MK6014MAP 6.1GB 2.5ins 4200rpm Laptop Drive. MK6014MAP £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
20 GB IBM/Hitachi 2½ inch 4200rpm ATA100 08K0620 £59.99 £49.99 Buy Now
20GB Toshiba MK2023GAS 2.5inch Mobile Hard Disk Drive MK2023GAS £67.19 £55.99 Buy Now
20GB 2.5" Fujitsu 9.5mm laptop hard drive (4200rpm, 2MB memory buffer) MHS202080 £65.99 £54.99 Buy Now
20GB 2.5" Seagate Momentum (5400rpm, 2MB) ST92011A £68.39 £56.99 Buy Now
20GB IBM Hitachi Travelstar 80GN (08K0632) 4200RPM 9.5mm 2MB Buffer laptop drive 08K0632 £77.99 £64.99 Buy Now
40GB 2.5" IDE Laptop Hard Drive For Compaq Laptops UDMA100 4200 RPM OEM MK4024GAS £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
IBM IC25N030ATDA04-0 30.0GB Laptop IDE 2.5" Hard Disk Drive OEM IC25N030ATDA04-0 £0.00 £0.00 Buy Now
IBM / Dell IC25N030ATCS04-0 IDE 30.0GB 2.5" Laptop / Notebook Hard Disk Drive OEM IC25N030ATCS04-0 £0.00 £0.00 Buy Now
HP/Compaq (Toshiba) Toshiba MK3018GAP 30GB IDE Notebook / Laptop Hard Disk Drive OEM MK3018GAP £0.00 £0.00 Buy Now
IBM/Dell IC25N010ATDA04-0 Travelstar 10GB 4200RPM 2.5" Laptop / Notebook Hard Disk Drive OEM IC25N010ATDA04-0 £0.00 £0.00 Buy Now
IBM / Dell DARA-212000 TravelStar 12GB IDE 2.5" 4200RPM Notebook / Laptop Hard Disk Drive OEM DARA-212000 £0.00 £0.00 Buy Now
HP/Compaq (SEAGATE) ST94019A 40.0GB Laptop / Notebook Hard Disk Drive OEM ST94019A £59.99 £49.99 Buy Now
TOSHIBA MK3018GAS 30.0GB 2.5" Laptop / Notebook Hard Disk Drive OEM MK3018GAS £0.00 £0.00 Buy Now
Seagate ST980811A 80.0GB OEM Laptop Hard Drive UDMA100 ST980811A £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
Seagate ST950212A 50.0GB OEM Laptop Hard Drive UDMA100 ST950212A £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
30 GB Hitachi 2½ inch 4200rpm ATA100 DK23DA-30F £71.99 £59.99 Buy Now
30 GB Fujitsu 2½ inch 4200rpm ATA100 MHR2030AT £71.99 £59.99 Buy Now
30 GB IBM Travelstar 5K80 30GB UDMA100 5400rpm 8MB cache HTS548030M9AT00 £77.99 £64.99 Buy Now
30GB Samsung MP0302H 5400rpm 2.5ins Notebook Disk Drive OEM MP0302H £79.19 £65.99 Buy Now
30GB IBM Travelstar 40GN 4200rpm, ATA100, 2mb cache, 9.5mm high laptop drive IC25N030ATCS04 £77.99 £64.99 Buy Now
30 GB IBM TravelStar 40GN HITACHI TRAVELSTAR 2mb 4200rpm laptop drive 08K06340 £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
40 GB Fujitsu 2½ inch 4200rpm 2mb buffer ATA100 Laptop Hard drive MHR2040AT £80.39 £66.99 Buy Now
40 GB IBM/Hitachi 2½ inch 2mb buffer 4200rpm ATA100 laptop drive HTS424040M9AT00 £82.79 £68.99 Buy Now
40Gb Hitachi Travelstar 40GN IDE 4200rpm OEM Notebook Drive 40GN £76.79 £63.99 Buy Now
40GB Toshiba MK4025GAS 2.5ins 4200rpm 8mb buffer Laptop Drive - OEM MK4025GAS £82.79 £68.99 Buy Now
40.0GB Samsung MP0402H 2.5" 5400 rpm 8MB cache ATA100 MP0402H £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
40GB Western Digital Scorpio 2.5" 5400RPM Hard Drive, Model WD400UE, laptop drive WD400UE £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
Toshiba MK4021GAS 40GB 2.5ins 8MB Buffer 4200rpm Laptop Drive 300803-001 £82.79 £68.99 Buy Now
40.0GB 2.5-inch laptop hard disk drive 4,200 RPM 273491-001, 315960-004 MHS204080 £71.99 £59.99 Buy Now
40 GB Seagate 2.5 inch 5400rpm 2MB cache ATA100 laptop drive ST94011A £77.99 £64.99 Buy Now
40GB Seagate ST94811A 8mb Cache 2.5ins 5400rpm Notebook Drive OEM ST94811A £82.79 £68.99 Buy Now
60Gb Seagate Momentus 4200.2 (ST960821A) ATA-100 Hard Drive in Hard Drives Laptop / notebook ST960821A £59.94 £49.95 Buy Now
60GB Toshiba Hard Disk Ide, 2.5in, 9.5mm, 12ms, 4200rpm laptop hard drive MKCHECKGAX £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
60 GB Fujitsu 2½ inch 4200rpm 2mb buffer ATA100 laptop drive MHR2060AT £101.99 £84.99 Buy Now
60 GB IBM/Hitachi 2½ inch 5400rpm ATA100 2mb buffer laptop drive IC25T060ATCS05-0 £107.99 £89.99 Buy Now
60 GB IBM/Hitachi 2½ inch 5400rpm ATA100 8mb buffer laptop drive HTS548060M9AT00 £112.79 £93.99 Buy Now
60GB Samsung MP0603H 2.5ins 5400rpm ATA100 laptop drive MP0603H £107.99 £89.99 Buy Now
60GB Seagate Momentus 2.5" ATA-100 4200rpm Hard Drive - 8MB Cache ST960922A £107.99 £89.99 Buy Now
60GB Western Digital Scorpio 8MB buffer memory (WD600VE) WD600VE £113.99 £94.99 Buy Now
60.0GB Toshiba MK6026GAX 5400rpm 9.5mm ATA100 IDE notebook laptop hard drive Factory sealed with 3 year warranty MK6026GAX £65.99 £54.99 Buy Now
60gb Seagate Momentus 5400rpm, 2.5in, Ata100, 12.5ms, 5400rpm 8mb buffer laptop drive ST960822A £119.99 £99.99 Buy Now
60.0GB Toshiba MK6022GAX 5400rpm 9.5mm ATA100 IDE notebook laptop hard drive 359086-001 359086-001 378215-001 344406-001 336472-003 MK6022GAX 359086-001 £65.99 £54.99 Buy Now
80 GB Fujitsu 2½ inch 4200rpm ATA100 2mb buffer laptop drive MHR2080AT £119.99 £99.99 Buy Now
80GB Toshiba 9.5mm 4200rpm 8MB buffer Notebook Hard Drive MKCHECKGAX £125.99 £104.99 Buy Now
80GB IBM-Hitachi Notebook Hard Drive, 2.5 Inch Notebook HDD 80GB (08K0635), 4200RPM Notebook Hard Drive IC25N080ATMR04 £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
80GB Samsung MP0804H 2.5ins 5400rpm ATA100 8mb buffer laptop drive MP0804H £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
80gb Seagate Momentus 4200rpm, 2.5in, Ata100 ,12.5ms ,4200rpm 8mb buffer ST9808211AF £137.99 £114.99 Buy Now
80gb Toshiba MK8026GAX SuperSlim 80GB 16mb buffer 9.5mm 12ms 5400rpm laptop drive MK8026GAX £143.99 £119.99 Buy Now
80GB Western Digital Scorpio WD800VE ide - 2.5 Lp 5400rpm 8mb Cache laptop drive WD800VE £149.99 £124.99 Buy Now
80GB Seagate Momentus 5400rpm ST9808211A Ultra ATA/100 5400RPM Mobile Hard Drive ST9808211A £143.94 £119.95 Buy Now
Toshiba MK8025GAS 80GB IDE 2.5" Hard Disk Drive OEM MK8025GAS £56.39 £46.99 Buy Now
100GB Toshiba MK1031GAS ATA-6 2.5inch 4200RPM Hard Drive 8MB Buffer memory MK1031GAS £119.99 £99.99 Buy Now
100GB 2.5" MHU2100AT Fujitsu Notebook HDD 4200rpm, 8Mb buffer memory MHU2100AT £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
120GB Fujitsu 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" IDE laptop Hard Drive supports IBM Thinkpad T series notebooks MHV2120AH £65.99 £54.99 Buy Now
Hitachi 160GB IDE PATA Laptop Hard Drive 0A28419 £155.99 £129.99 Buy Now

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